great free gift
personalize jewelry
unique necklace

great free gift
unique necklace

Free Personalized Jewelry for adults and kids!

Nothing is free, right?…Wrong.

enjoy quality

Our personalized rice necklaces are free. All you pay is $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Each necklace is personalized with the text that you tell us to write.

Each FREE Rice Necklace includes:

  • A glass bottle (to hold the rice)
  • Preserve liquid (to magnify and preserve the rice)
  • String (to hold the bottle)
  • A piece of Rice (personalized with your text)

Quality Artists

quality work

We use talented artists from across the country to write your necklace. Each artist is tested and must meet our rice writing standards. Even the best of artists will go through a few grains of rice to make sure you receive their best work

Why Use Us?


There are many “rice writing” web-sites on the internet. Our rice writing quality is among the best of them and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Most other rice writing sites charge for shipping AND STILL charge for a necklace. Our necklaces are only $4.95 TOTAL-why not give it a try?


All our necklaces come with standard silver beads. Your own beads can be added to your necklace


Hundreds of people visit our site. We offer very reasonable advertising rates. Contact us for more information.


Each necklace is handmade and shipped to you protected in bubble wrap.